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What's so good about picking up the pieces?
What's so good about picking up the pieces?

Hi I'm Boo ^_^ I like bands, anime, Homestuck, and I'm fond of throwing humor in as often as possible :) (I'm in a lot of fandoms so expect plenty of stuff) Thanks for stopping by! Hey if you're having a bad day, just know you are spectacular. Don't forget drop-dead gorgeous (or if you prefer handsome). And no one has the right to change that.

Feel free to stalk me on the following things!

Twitter: @TonightAliveLeh

Instagram: Lokomaikai_Quin

Snapchat: lokomaikai

Kik: RENTLover




Do u ever wanna punch urself in the face for procrastinating and ruining ur life

yeah but I never get around to it

idk if this is funny or sad

*Thinks about dying*
*Thinks about living*